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Eat To The Beat

Song Meaning of Dreaming by Blondie, and what it is about

"Dreaming" is a song by American band Blondie and was released in 1979.

The song was the opening track from their fourth album Eat to the Beat.

Written by guitarist Chris Stein and singer Debbie Harry and partially inspired by ABBA's "Dancing Queen," the song also features an active drum performance by drummer Clem Burke, who did not expect the final recording to feature his busy drum track.

The lyrics for "Dreaming" originated from the line "dreaming is free", which band member Chris Stein thought of.

After hearing the music for the song that Stein wrote, Debbie Harry wrote the rest of the lyrics.

Harry explained the process of writing the lyrics in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, saying "Sometimes Chris will come up with a track or a feel and pass it on to me, and he'll say, 'I was thinking

'Dreaming/Dreaming is free',' and then I'll fill it out with a story line or some more phrases.

A lot of times it's the rhythm track that suggests what the lyric is going to be. I like working like that."

Musically, "Dreaming" is a fast-paced new wave song.

Stein has since claimed that "Dreaming" is "pretty much a cop" of "Dancing Queen" by ABBA; he continued, "I don't know if that was where we started, or if it ended just happening to sound like that."


"Dreaming" was released as the lead single from Eat to the Beat in September 1979, reaching number two on the UK singles chart and number 27 on the US Billboard Hot 100.

Lyrics of Dreaming by Blondie

When I met you in the restaurant

You could tell I was no debutante

You asked me what's my pleasure

A movie or a measure?

I'll have a cup of tea and tell you of my dreaming

Dreaming is free

I don't want to live on charity

Pleasure's real or is it fantasy?

Reel to reel is living rarity

People stop and stare at me We just walk on by - we just keep on dreaming

Feet feet, walking a two mile

Meet meet, meet me at the turnstile

I never met him, I'll never forget him


Dream dream, even for a little while

Dream dream, filling up an idle hour

Fade away, radiate


I sit by and watch the river flow

I sit by and watch the traffic go

Imagine something of your very own

Something you can have and hold


I'd build a road in gold just to have some dreaming

Dreaming is free


Dreaming is free


Dreaming is free

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Chris Stein, Debbie Harry


Mike Chapman



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