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Baby Love

Baby Love

The Supremes
Where Did Our Love Go

Song Meaning of Baby Love by The Supremes

"Baby Love" is a song by American music group The Supremes from their second studio album, Where Did Our Love Go. It was written and produced by Motown's main production team Holland–Dozier–Holland and released in 1964.

"Baby Love" topped the Billboard charts in the United States and in the United Kingdom singles chart concurrently.

At the insistence of Berry Gordy hoping for a follow-up chart-topper, Holland–Dozier–Holland produced "Baby Love" to sound like "Where Did Our Love Go" which previously topped the charts.

Elements were reincorporated into the single such as Diana Ross's cooing lead vocal and oohing, Florence Ballard and Mary Wilson's "baby-baby" backup, the Funk Brothers' instrumental track, and teenager Mike Valvano's footstomping.

The Motown song writing team of Holland-Dozier-Holland wrote this innocent song about teenage love, which was one of 14 US Top 10 hits for The Supremes.

One of the co-songwriters, Lamont Dozier told the NME in 1984 said this song was about "

"my first love who I never really got over." Dozier says many of the songs he wrote with Motown were inspired by her.

Diana Ross does not have a vast voice, but she could "Oooooh" like no-one else.

The first version of this song didn't have her oohing, but their record label boss, Berry Gordy requested the team back into the studio, where Ross did an extended "ooh-ooh-ooooh-oooooh" that kicked off the track. The Motown production team soon discovered, when she sang in a lower register, her voice was outstanding.

Lyrics of the song Baby Love by The Supremes

Ooh baby love, my baby love

I need you, oh how I need you

But all you do is treat me bad

Break my heart and leave me sad

Tell me, what did I do wrong

To make you stay away so long


'Cause baby love, my baby love

Been missing ya, miss kissing ya

Instead of breaking up

Let's do some kissing and making up

Don't throw our love away

In my arms, why don't you stay?


Need ya, need ya

Baby love, ooh, baby love


Baby love, my baby love

Why must we seperate, my love

All of my whole life through

I never loved no one but you

Why you do me like you do?

I get this need


Ooh, ooh, need to hold you

Once again, my love

Feel your warm embrace, my love

Don't throw our love away

Please don't do me this way

Not happy like I used to be

Loneliness has got the best of me


My love, my baby love

I need you, oh how I need you

Why you do me like you do

After I've been true to you

So deep in love with you


Baby, baby, ooh till it's hurtin' me

Till it's hurtin' me

Ooh, baby love

Don't throw our love away

Don't throw our love away

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