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Top 10 Songs of Jelly Roll

Rapper and vocalist Jelly Roll is a Nashville, Tennessee native who has had a big influence on hip-hop, rock, and country music. He is renowned for his poignant narrative, which incorporates themes of hope and redemption with details of his own personal tribulations.

These are the top 10 of Jelly Roll's best tracks that have been well-received by both reviewers and fans.

"Save Me"

a stirring ballad showcasing the soulful vocals and meaningful words of Jelly Roll. The song, which resonates strongly with listeners going through their own hardships, is a cry for assistance and empathy.

"Son of a Sinner"

This song, which combines rock and country elements, explores Jelly Roll's introspective thoughts on his life, failures, and road to redemption.

"Whisky, Weed & Waffle House"

An earlier song that blends rap with themes of Southern living, showcasing Jelly Roll's varied musical style.

"Creature" (with Krizz Kaliko and Tech N9ne)

This song, which examines the darkest aspects of human nature, is a duet that demonstrates Jelly Roll's versatility and ability to combine with artists from diverse genres.


A moving song that explores themes of vulnerability, love, and loss, demonstrating Jelly Roll's ability to establish a very intimate connection with her audience.


A sombre track that explores the difficulties of change, the intricacies of life, and the quest for improvement.

"Smoking Section"

This song gives listeners a candid, unvarnished glimpse at Jelly Roll's life experiences and hardships as well as an understanding of his beliefs of mortality.

"Fall in the Fall"

This song, which combines parts of rap and country music, discusses the themes of hardship and redemption that are present throughout Jelly Roll's music.

"Dead Man Walking"

A song that speaks to those who have struggled with inner turmoil, exploring themes of being lost and looking for forgiveness.

"Same Asshole"

This song takes an honest look at Jelly Roll's life, reflecting on his journey and personal development and recognising that some aspects of who you are never change.

A vast spectrum of feelings and tales, from the lowest points of despair to the highest points of hope, are captured in Jelly Roll's music. His ability to transition across genres without losing his identity has won him praise from critics and a devoted following. With songs that range from upbeat anthems to reflective ballads, Jelly Roll's career has plenty to offer any type of listener.

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