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The White Stripes

The White Stripes
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The White Stripes, a former husband and woman rock duo from Detroit, were formed in 1997. Jack White (lyrics, vocals, guitar, piano, and bass) and Meg White (drums, percussion, and vocals) made up the duo. They were a key player in the indie rock and garage rock renaissance of the 2000s.

The White Stripes' composition and recording methods were low-fidelity. They combined blues and garage rock influences in their music, and their songwriting, arrangement, and performance were all quite straightforward. Along with their usage of the straightforward colour combination of red, white, and black on each album and single cover they published, the pair was renowned for their fashion sense and design aesthetic. They were also known for their preoccupation with the number three.

The White Stripes won multiple awards over their career, including six Grammy Awards from eleven nominations, six MTV Video Music Awards from eighteen nominations, and a Brit Award from six nominations. Two of their albums were listed among the 500 best albums of all time by Rolling Stone, and the same journal ranked them as the sixth greatest duet ever in 2015.

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